Author: Andrea

We are so glad you are here. It means you are seeking a deeper relationship with Christ. The Bible is our number ONE source and we have added Scripture passages for daily reading along with a short chapter meant to encourage you as you grow. Each chapter can be read in about 10 minutes!

They are published Monday through Friday and are our original writings as well as excerpts  from others.

As authors and contributors, we are not saying, “We have it all figured out!” We are busy moms with small children and have daily chaos. But we do know one thing for certain and that is consistent Bible study and prayer are a life source and will feed even the busiest, most frazzled person.

Thank you for getting to know us and letting us share with you.


I’ve always been pretty good at being a Christian. I had all rebellious thoughts trained out of me at a young age. I know all the verses and have a great grasp of the lingo. I spent a couple years at Bible college, so I can tell the difference between John Calvin and Calvin and Hobbs. But my theology and my reality didn’t always line up.

For many years, despite my claim of reliance on God, I considered myself unworthy and useless in the Kingdom of God and in my personal life. It seemed like no matter what I accomplished, I was never good enough. I continually yielded control of my life to God then yanked it back whenever I panicked—which was often.

I married this amazing man who put up with my cycles of utter despair with unbelievable patience, but my “issues” affected him deeply as well. I knew if I kept it up, I would eventually cause irreparable damage.

 The advice that changed my life came from a person that didn’t have life figured out. In many ways, I had it more together than this character. But God can use whoever he wants, I am learning. This person had very little knowledge of my dizzying battles with self loathing, so the advice was clearly inspired. “Read Song of Solomon,” was the suggestion. “Like God wrote it for you. When you are done, read it again. Until you start to believe it.”

I did it, and it changed my life. I came to a heart-level understanding of why God loves me. Obviously I still struggle. I still get bound up by those old lies, but I can fight my way out of them now, because I know the truth.

God is love. That is the truth, and he has chosen to lavish his love upon us. The kind of love and relationship God has in mind requires knowing God. Notice that doesn’t say “knowing about God.” In order for a relationship to exist, you must spend time with the one you are trying to get to know.

I’m a mom too. Adding intimate, alone time with God seems like an impossible addition to an already outrageous job description. That’s why Drops is so important to me. A short daily devotion keeps us in communication with the one who can sustain us through every ridiculous challenge mothering/wife-ing puts us through. A little time spent with God now serves as a stepping stone to a Divine Romance.