Wednesday, May 1

Tell Me a Story

Please Read Acts 7 

Isolation. It’s an effective tool for destruction. Predators use it when they hunt. They look for some small week thing, cut it off from it’s group, then pounce. Separated from the group, the prey doesn't stand a chance.

You've felt it too, I’m sure. Felt like you are the only one who has ever experienced___________. Like you are the only one who ever felt__________. Cut off from the herd. They couldn't possibly understand, you think. And maybe you’re right. Your situation is as unique as you are. BUT we all have stories. The isolation comes when we don’t share them.

We fear what others will think if they know our past. We assure ourselves no one cares to know our stories. Our stories are too messy or too neat to go on display. Our stories are still so very under construction we feel they need to be finished up a bit before we talk about them.

Excuses all. Behind the scenes, we are being led into a trap. We are being cleverly isolated. Surrounded by a predator ready to pounce. And we don’t stand a chance.

And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death.
Revelation 12:11

We do have a chance. Our stories have power enough to overcome. If you've read much of the Bible, you've seen how often the Israelites tell their story. They start with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They talk of slavery and the wonders God performed as he brought them out of it. They tell of God’s provision in the dessert and his promise of a better place. They keep going until they reach their current moment in the plot of their national story.

Their story reminded them of how far God brought them. It renewed in their hearts his covenant, it strengthened their hope, sturdied their resolve and united them as believers in the Almighty. In many cases, their story convinced outsiders of God’s ultimate power and authority.

Do you see how a story or a group of stories could serve to overcome even a powerful enemy? The predator tries to make us forget God’s promises, weaken our hope, weaken our resolve, separate us from other believers in the Almighty and deny God’s ultimate power and authority. Stories are dangerous indeed.

If the blood of the Lamb has saved you, your story has power. Your family’s story has power. So tell the story. You don't have to tell every detail. Somethings should remain private. While a testimony has great power, too much information can distract and disrupt and invade someone else's privacy. It's OK to be vague about your story, just don't shy away from sharing what God has done in your life.

Share your story to strengthen your faith and that of other believers.   

by Andrea Lunde

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