Tuesday, March 29

From Scratch

Read Ephesians 2

I had a post written. Two of them actually. I wrote one at 0 dark thirty in the morning then the computer crashed and I lost the whole thing. The second one was about the incident that led to the demise of the first one. I was pondering clean slates and fresh starts. I was being thankful that God doesn't mind restarting on us one little bit. He doesn't seem to find it nearly as exasperating to start over as I do. I remembered this skit I saw a while back and intended to include it as part of my post.

Well, it's 10 minutes long. In an effort to not take up your entire day, and since the drama says everything I was trying to say much better than I was saying it, I've decided to keep my comments short so you can enjoy the show.

There is so much good stuff to think about in the next ten minutes. Would you be willing to share which part impacted you? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Be a masterpiece.

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