Sunday, March 11

The Silver Lining

1 Chronicles 16:25-27

A lot of us are guilty of dulling the silver lining to match the rest of the cloud. We get lost in the valley and forget to fix our gaze high upon the mountain of God.

The truth is, blessings aren’t always going to slap us across the face and yield a physical reward. We must pursue blessings every day.

My husband travels for work about six months out of the year. This is hard for me because I’m crazy about this man, and being away from him feels like torture. On one hand, I get sad and sometimes angry that he’s gone so much, on the other hand, it’s his busiest season and the paychecks make us more comfortable. It is up to me which hand I focus on.

The blessings in this life are a choice. God constantly pours His blessings on us, it’s up to us whether or not we acknowledge them.

Sometimes the blessings are easy to spot. A raise at work, the birth of a child, the healing of a sick loved one. Then other times we have to look for them in the form of a beautiful sunset, finding a good parking spot, or simply being able to live another day.

“He is the one you praise; 

He is your God, 

who performed for you those great and awesome 

wonders you saw with your own eyes.” 

(Deuteronomy 10:21) 

Circumstances can easily muddle your perspective. We all have unfavorable situations that come up in life and it’s acceptable to take some time to feel less than cheery. Those may be the times that God is confirming your faith. But you must then choose to highlight and dwell on the silver lining. In every situation there is always something worthy of a tribute.

Not only will God appreciate a sincere shout out from you, you may start to notice a change in your attitude. Concentrating on the benevolence bestowed upon you from your Heavenly Father will do good things for your spirit.

Take a time out from the bellyaching and receive the blessings. They are right there in front of you waiting to be recognized.

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” 

 -Abraham Lincoln

Written by Ashley K.

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Andee said...

Thanks for this, Ashley! "Take a timeout from bellyaching and receive the blessings." I think I need that on a wall plaque.