Wednesday, December 29

Seeing the Fog Lift

Read Psalm 121

This morning I have a cold. The fog is rolling over the hills and just now at noonish the sun is just hardly coming through the mist. I've had the regular morning of pulling two toddlers out of a billion different disasters and instructing older children in chores and homework. It's emotionally exhausting.


My second born son was going through the typical second born syndrome of saying life isn't fair and how come the first born gets to do things he doesn't do and how come life is just generally unfair. . . Robert very graciously took him to work with him today.

Not sure that is a second born syndrome after all. But maybe a human syndrome.

It's the week of Christmas and I've not gotten a gift for the children. Reason for that, God has me waiting for His timing and in faith I look forward to that timing. Last night I went out on the deck under the full moon and I cast my cares upon Him, knowing full well He cares. I have peace in my heart and I praise God for His promises. He is gracious. Always capable and never too late.

I made waffles this morning and they tasted so good. In my enjoyment of making them and tasting them I hadn't noticed the baby had taken her's to the bedroom and decorated with them all over the girls' bed. Syrup and all.

Itty is determined to wear ballerina gear today. Bubbie cut a huge chunk out of his hair. I found blonde hair on my bedroom carpet - I went running around looking at everyone's head trying to figure out whose hair it was without blaming anyone right off so I could just deal with that one child in private. . .

It was obviously Bub's. We had a talk - I asked, "Honey, why did you cut your hair, do you feel you need a hair cut?"

His answer, "No, Mom, it's just that it seemed easier to cut than try to get it to not stick straight up this morning."


It's a real-life Monday. . .

And my Father says to me: "I'll carry you."

I say, "Take my heart, Lord. Take my life, I let it go. I lift it up. . ."

And He says, "I want to be all your delight."

I say, "I will worship. You are my delight. You are my God. I'm Resting."

He says, "It's just you and me here now. Draw near, hold fast."

And the fog is rolling and the sun breaks through. I wipe the tears. I see the baby sitting on top of the dishwasher door that is nearly about to break from it's hinges, pulling the clean silverware and throwing it to the floor.

She looks up at me and smiles and gets off again and runs to my lap.

And she sits in my lap and sucks on her two fingers and her little toes tuck in under my skirt and I am reminded of that old hymn that says, "Whatever my lot, You have taught me to say, "it is well with my soul." And I am grateful that this two minutes of sitting here has been well worth it.

Praise the Lord, praise the Lord Oh my soul! It is well, it is well, through the storm I am held!

Pour out your heart before the Lord this morning. Let the clouds be rolled back as a scroll and may the Lord descend and may you fellowship with Him through the storms you find yourself in throughout this day. Real life Monday can't be enjoyed without real life in the inner woman - real life found in Jesus Christ.

Don't give up. Embrace life! Life everlasting.

From Alyssa at Resolved2Worship

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