Thursday, October 13

Only Heaven Knows Why

Written by Ashely (our newest contributor)

Isaiah 55:8-13

 Sometimes when a door closes, the idea of what God is going to end up revealing is almost exciting. But let’s be honest, other times we fall to our knees and cry out of fear of the unknown. God sometimes lets us in on the “why” and the big picture, but other times he makes us sweat it out.

 My best friend got married on a beach in Florida. It was God’s plan all along. She had three dates in mind and she presented them to the pastor and he said, “I happen to be in Florida on March 31 so let’s do it then.” Out of all of the days, that was the one.

 Things were falling into place. We arrived in Florida and the weather forecast was perfect, every day but March 31. Severe thunderstorms and a tornado warning. Great.

 My friend, with her unwavering faith, knew that God wouldn’t call all of us down there for a rained out wedding. The morning of March 31, it was literally raining sideways. I have never seen a storm so bad. The streets were flooding and you couldn’t walk two feet without becoming completely drenched. My friend was being pulled in so many directions and everyone had an opinion about what to do and how to fix the situation. Finally, she and her fiance announced that they came to get married on the beach that day and that’s what they were going to do.

 At first I questioned God and why He allowed the weather to be so horrible. I was begging and pleading with Him all day for a burst of sunshine at just the right moment. But as I walked down the “aisle” and I saw the large group of people huddled together on the stormy beach it all made sense. Those people weren’t conditional guests. They didn’t commit to only attending the ceremony if the weather permitted. They were there to show their unending love and support to this beautiful couple. No one cared about getting completely and unrecognizably soaked. We all laughed and cheered and clustered together to celebrate the predestined union of the couple.

 Other times, He doesn’t let us in on the why. I had a condition called placenta previa when I was pregnant with my second boy. It meant that I had to have a c-section. I was scared of the idea of it, but I convinced myself to be positive by saying, “It’s great that we get to pick the date since my husband travels for work and his schedule is unpredictable.” I thought I had God’s plan all figured out. But before the date of my scheduled surgery, I went into labor and my husband was eight hours away. Fortunately, he made it in time but I still to this day question the why.

 What’s the why you are searching for today? Why can’t my husband find work? Why is my child acting like a bully? Why is my marriage falling apart? Why am I not building strong friendships? Why is my car breaking down again? Why is someone close to me sick? God has all the answers for you. He just may not reveal them to you.

 “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways...” (Isaiah 55:9). God doesn’t need to give us a why. He doesn’t owe us an explanation. But we owe him our undivided loyalty and faith whether He wants to let us in on the why or not. Give it to God today friends. Give Him your worries and your doubts. Know that He is doing everything to prosper you and to brighten your future. Trust him with your life. It’s hard to demand a why when you are resting faithfully at His feet.

 “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace...” 

(Isaiah 55:12)

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