Monday, April 16

Motivated By Anticipation

Anticipation is the expectation or hope of something that is to come. It can be a powerful motivator if what you are looking forward to is a good thing.

It doesn't take much sometimes. Yesterday, my boring day (filled with a "blah"- unmotivated mood) suddenly became exciting when I made plans with my husband to go to the new Super W-mart store and then out for icecream with the kids.

And other times the anticipations are huge ones. Like being 38 weeks pregnant... every moment of my day is filled with the hope of this baby being in my arms soon. It makes the end of pregnancy doable because I look forward to something far, far better.

I have a friend who is using the anticipation of a reunion in 6 months to make a dramatic change in her diet and exercise routine. She's losing weight like crazy all with the that goal in mind. It is still hard, work, but it becomes fun at the same time.

The motivation that anticipation provides is unlike anything else. Without anticipation of something better, there is no motivation to keep going, and without motivation... well, enter the "blah" mood.

We've all been there, that sallow place where there is nothing in the future that provides any kind of excitement. When day after day is drab and boring (and incredibly hard and messy if you have little kids).

No exotic vacations on the horizon. No fun reunions. No living baby bulge to soon hold, just the bulge. Not even a Super W-mart store opening or date night.

Our earthly anticipations are important motivators, but take them away and we are quickly defeated. And that means we've lost sight of the bigger goal.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, 

but on what is unseen, 

since what is seen is temporary

but what is unseen is eternal. 

II Cor 4:18 

What is seen is temporary. We cling to it, but really vacations pass, reunions come and go, Super W-marts lose their luster, even our babies grow up and move on. Without an eternal hope, what is our motivation?

When the "blah" mood strikes and this life seems boring and mundane and downright depressing, remember to fix your eyes on what is unseen, a hope in Jesus Christ. He has a purpose for our lives that is powerfully motivating.

When should ask, "How can you use me today Lord? Give me a vision for eternity that gets my butt in gear striving for more." He gives hope for the future.

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for 

and certain of what we do not see.

Hebrews 11:1

Written by Alysun P.

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