Friday, April 27

Highlight The Good In Your Guy

Please Read 1 Corinthians 11:7-9 

Do you remember the days when you were dating your husband? When you would pick out the perfect outfit and get all fancy for him before a hot date? Do you remember routinely shaving your legs and wearing eyeliner? What about the way you felt when he first held your hand or told you that he loved you?

I remember leaving our dates with an enormous smile that refused to go away. I would replay the details of our dates in my head and I would giggle. Remember giggling?! My husband made me feel like a million bucks when we were dating. Just sitting next to him made my heart flutter. Feel free to take a break and go vomit...I’ll wait.

There seems to be a growing trend of husband bashing on the rise. It’s like women have forgotten why they fell in love with their husbands.

Perhaps you’ve heard it...

“My husband is so lazy. He sits around and does nothing”

“My husband has gained so much weight since we’ve been married.” 

“I do everything around the house. He doesn’t help me at all.”

These are a few of the minor examples. It’s becoming more and more popular to point out all of the negative things we see in our husbands. It feeds into satan’s plan to make us discontent.

How would you feel if your husband was criticizing you in front of all of his friends? If he were pointing out all of the little things he thinks you lack or don’t do right. I don’t know about you, but I would feel awful.  The bible tell us to bring glory to our husbands.

“A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown, 

but a disgraceful wife is like decay in his bones.”

 (Proverbs 12:4) 

We are supposed to highlight the good in our guy. We need to draw attention to his gifts and support him free of criticism.

No one has a perfect marriage and I’m not asking you to exaggerate your relationship. Things may have happened in your marriage that you are still healing from. There may be deep issues that have left you feeling hurt and possibly alone. I’m not discrediting those feelings. But, I am challenging you to have respect for your marriage and refrain from airing out your dirty laundry to anyone willing to listen. Choose a close friend or family member that you can trust and discuss it with them.

Take a few moments today to remember why you fell in love with your husband. Think back to your first date. I don’t know about you but our first date involved some seriously good food that I wish I could have again right now. Funny how when you’re dating you’re willing to spend $8 on a piece of cake. Now we’re married and dessert after a meal isn’t even an option!

Let the man you fell in love with be the picture you paint to everyone you come in contact with. Don’t get sucked in to bad mouthing him and exposing his faults. Never forget your first date!

Ashley K.

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