Monday, November 1

This Is My Costume.

Posted by Alysun from Resolved2Worship, written by Alyssa (used with permission)

I found this at a thrift shop for a dollar and I couldn't pass it up. I think it fit Bubbie perfectly.


I struggle with what others think of me. I don't think this is anything new that I type here this afternoon. I do think though, praise God, that He has brought me a long way concerning this in my life. He's used quite a few difficult situations and people to expose my heart and He continues to test my mind, heart, and soul along these lines because He and I both know I can fall quick and fast back into the old thought patterns.

When we live for what others think of us, instead of the Lord, we put on a "costume." We live performance based lifestyles that blind us to our own heart's condition and keep us locked into a system that makes our own self god. We lose discernment. We gain a huge burden. Sometimes we don't even know how great the burden is until we're crushed somehow under it.

The consequences of living in this deep dark sin of fearing man's rejection and drowning in their approval is beyond anything I could type here.

God is after us taking off the costumes.

Some costumes can look pretty spiritual, but all in all, they are still costumes and not the real thing. Kind of reminds me of the little girl I once saw dressed up as an angel, screaming at her mommy for candy, her halo falling off and her lips stained bright pink from lollipops and previously eaten candy. Her costume was so "beautiful" on the outside. But she was a brat.

I'm sure her costume was fairly convincing when she was getting her way, but otherwise...

Very much like us humans. Me.

What good is the religious costume? Let's take them off. That starts by declaring to the Lord, and sometimes others too, "THIS was MY COSTUME... And now this is me."

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