Friday, April 1

How He Loves Us

Last week’s Casual Friday got me thinking about music. Melody has a way of sinking through layers that words alone cannot penetrate. A story or a truth learned through song is one of the most permanent ways to learn something. This is why we teach our children Jesus Loves Me as soon as they can talk and why there are as many musical versions to learn the books of the Bible as there are Books of the Bible. Songs get stuck in our heads and the only way to get them out is with another song. 

But as I get older—not that I am admitting to getting older—I find I lose the words. The melody stays and I can manage to keep a catch phrase, but the words get lost somewhere in translation.

That is why today I am posting the lyrics to one of my new favorite songs. The music itself is not my favorite. It’s catchy, mind you. The chorus gets in my head and stays and stays and stays, but since the words to the song are so powerful, I’m OK with that. Anything’s better than Barney.

In posting the lyrics, I have removed a few repetitive lines and the “yeahs” and “whoas” because they are just annoying to read. A link to the music follows the lyrics.

He is jealous for me 
Love's like a hurricane, 
I am a tree 
Bending beneath the weight of 
His wind and mercy 
When all of a sudden, I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory 
and I realize just how beautiful You are and how great your affections are for me. 

He loves us  
Oh, how He loves us 

We are His portion and 
He is our prize, 
Drawn to redemption 
by the grace in His eyes 
If grace is an ocean, we're all sinking 
So heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss and my heart turns 
violently inside of my chest 
I don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think about the way 

He loves us, 
Oh, how He loves us! 

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