Sunday, February 26


Read John 14:1-14

I am baffled by much of what He chooses to do or not do.

I've never heard Him speak one audible word to me. Much of the time I don't feel His presence when I ask for it.

I don't always appreciate His taste in who He chooses to give influence to. I sometimes wish He believed more like me. And I am left shaking my head at people who are part of His Church. I would have picked almost an entirely different crowd.

When I was young in my faith I asked Him to move a swingset. One inch. Nobody was around. What would it have hurt? I believed in that moment with all my heart that He would. He chose not to.

PhotoI've watched injustice apparently run free, and beautiful-hearted God lovers suffer indefinitely.

...And yet, I love Him and trust Him with every fiber of my being. Not because I'm compelled to chant this mantra to get Home, but because His character and stunning love have drawn me and compelled this historically self-centered and utterly self-protective man to come under His every choice.

I've never known love like His. And without Him I have no desire to spend another day here. He is all that holds me together.

And whatever happens or doesn't, I am absolutely certain He does and will turn into good. How can I possibly mean that in view of all the apparently contrary evidence screaming from newspapers each morning? One thing. The Cross and the Resurrection following. I've seen the template. For God to take the most injust and hideous wickedness upon an Innocent and bring from it the highest beauty even known on this planet, is beyond words or any worship I can offer

...Still, I would like to hear His voice. One day I will. In the land where the crust of the pie is so flaky you just want to stare at it for a long time, before laughing, next to great friends, and like them, picking it up to eat with your hands.

* Written by John Lynch (borrowed as posted by a friend of a friend on facebook).

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