Thursday, February 23

Simply Running

Written by Ashley K.

"I run in the path of your commands, 

 for you have broadened my understanding."

Psalm 119:32

Read Psalm 119:32-40

I started running. Not in a disciplined-marathon-training sort of way, but in a when-did-I-start-jiggling-there sort of way.

I dread running but I always feel incredible afterwards. I try to remember this when I’m slowly lacing up my tennis shoes. It never fails. I always feel like a million bucks after. It’s a joy that I work for.

One day a few weeks ago I was out for a run. My husband had some things bothering him and I was praying for him as I ran. The next thing I know I’m slipping on some gravel and rolling into the street in front of a car.

Fortunately, the only thing severely injured was my pride. I instantly got grumpy. I tore a hole in my favorite running pants and I was bleeding.

Satan accomplished two things. I forgot all about praying for my husband and instead focused on my frustration. Secondly, when it came time for me to run again, I was embarrassed and skipped the opportunity.

I used to think that running was a pretty insignificant pleasure. I also took praying for my husband for granted. Oh boy, was I wrong. Satan tried to distract me from those two things. Obviously he saw something good in my simple joys and he tried his best to manipulate me.

Embarrassment, fear, and anger are not emotions that we learn from God. Satan triggered those feelings in me. I finally got the courage to run again and I dedicated a substantial amount of time to pray for my husband. God rewarded me with His instant peace.

We all have little things that bring us joy. Some of us scrapbook, or write poetry, or bake cakes, or enjoy shopping. These little moments of joy are gifts from God. They matter. Don’t allow satan to put a critic or an embarrassing moment in the way of your joy.

Make sure to take time out for the simple pleasures that life has to offer. You may not be the next Mariah Carey but if singing in the shower makes you happy, then belt it out friend.

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