Friday, May 25

God's Timing vs My Timing

Read Proverbs 2:6-9

I’d like a peek at God’s clock.

All too often I feel like I have his timing all figured out. Other times I think that the timing of major life events are up to me.

I should know by now that God doesn’t leave the big stuff (or the little stuff) up to me. He already has a direction and course for my life far greater than anything I could ever scheme up.

If it weren’t for God’s crafty plans I wouldn’t be married to the awesome man that I am, have the three beautiful babies that I do, and be living in the most beautiful state He created. I dreamt of the white picket fence and he gave me the off white, slightly beaten up, sturdy, unfailing, fence. Aw shucks, what a nice guy our God is!

The point is, he cleverly plans our steps and he does it in the right time. He knows when we need what we need. He also knows when to make us wait. You aren’t going to experience the goosebump effect with God every single day. There will be lengthy seasons in your life where He is asking you to be still and wait for his plan to work its magic. Then when His miraculous plan comes to fruition you will know it and those goosebumps will make the wait worth it.

Right now my family and I are playing the waiting game. Waiting to find out about a potential housing transition, waiting to find out about a potential occupational transition, waiting to find out if we should add more babies to our team. Lots and lots of waiting. I have to be honest, I HATE IT! I’m not patient and I like to know the outcome. I’m not even patient enough to watch a movie without knowing the ending. Often times, I read the last chapter of a book first. I don’t like surprises and I don’t like being the last one to know.

What do you think God thinks about this personality trait of mine? I gotta say, it is probably not His favorite.

Right now He is calling me to be patient and trustworthy. He’s looking at his clock and waiting for the right moment to answer all of my requests.

He is not ignoring me.

He is not punishing me.

He is not stalling.

Well, maybe he is stalling a little bit.

But I know He is doing it all for His glory and for my benefit.

Is he doing the same for you? Are you waiting for him and his flawless timing?

I encourage you today to trust in the Lord. Trust in his plans and get through this day. Tomorrow brings a whole new bundle of possibilities. 

Take some time and reflect on the blessings of your life. When you look at your relationship with your significant other, did it happen when you expected it? If you have babies, did they come right when you wanted them to? Probably not. But it all happened when God’s clock said it was the right time. 

Take a deep breath. God has it all figured out!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart 

 and lean not on your own understanding; 

in all your ways submit to him, 

 and he will make your paths straight.

(Proverbs 3:5-6)

Written by Ashley K.

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