Friday, June 22

The Honeymoon Is Over

The first few months of a relationship are so exciting.  It's when you try and impress each other and showcase all of your strengths.  Giggling, flirting, and heart racing joy when he calls you just to say "hi."

That was fun.

But that doesn't last forever.  Can you imagine how shallow our relationships would be if we were constantly in the honeymoon stage?

I'm somewhat new to this whole Christian thing.  I grew up believing in God and was taught right from wrong at a young age.  Don't be mislead, just because I knew right and wrong doesn't mean that I behaved like I should.  I was a handful!  It wasn't until about five years ago that I realized that I needed a personal relationship with God.  It wasn't enough to sit in church and make the right decisions.  He called me into a close and intimate relationship with Him.

When God and I first started dating I was obnoxious!  I gushed about our love for each other and told people that weren't believers that they were missing out.  I did it in a way that probably turned a lot of people off.

Now here I am, five years later.  I feel like God and I have settled in together.  We are no longer getting to know each other and trying to figure out how to communicate with one another.  We get each other.  It's nice.

He doesn't move me to tears or give me the goosebumps every day anymore, but that's ok.  Now I look out the window and glance at the sunset and feel like that is God's way of giving me a little wink.  I no longer require grand gestures from Him.  Don't get me wrong, the big blessings are greatly appreciated, but I don't need as much attention from Him as I used to.  I'm confident in our relationship and I like the stage we have settled into.

God is still the same man that I fell in love with.  He always remains the same in His character and he always follows through with His promises.  He's given me five years to get to know Him and I'm blessed to be connected to Him the way that I am.

One of the things I love the most about my relationship with my husband is that when something funny happens, we just look at each other and we know exactly what the other is thinking.  We find humor in the same things and it's comforting to know that all I have to do is give him a little look.  This look didn't happen on our first date.  It took time and an understanding to get to where we are.

That is how I feel about my relationship with God.  In the last five years I've figured out how God speaks to me, how He loves me, and how He aligned my instincts with His purpose.  I now know that those tingles I get in my gut are God's way of saying, "No ma'am."

Don't go chasing goosebumps friends.  You don't need to hop from church to church or from bible study to bible study to ride some religious high.  God isn't always going to direct all of His attention on you.  Sometimes the sermons are meant for someone else.  There are times when He calls us to wait on Him and His direction.  Don't go rushing God or trying to pressure Him into His plan.  Instead, rest delightfully under His arm and appreciate the phase you are in.  Be confident in your God and wait patiently for Him to move you.  The honeymoon may have passed, but sister, the best is yet to come!

-Ashley K.

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