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Posted by Andrea from Wellspring of Life by Nancy Bentz

A friend referred me to a devotional blog called Wellspring of Life. The following post is from the introduction to the blog and I loved it so much, I just had to share. It's short, but full of wonderful treasures. I hope you are as blessed by it as I am.

A heart.

We all have one. And a story to go with it.

Every heartbeat marks another moment of our existence.  And with every heartbeat, more of life is etched into our story.

In its original design, our heart was created by God to be a container for His very nature and character.
A unique piece of His eternal fullness resides in each one of us. There will never be another ‘you’ or another ‘me.’ Do you know how treasured you are?

God is over-the-top smitten with you!  He wants you for Himself.  He wants your heart, your container – so He can fill you to overflowing with His fullness – just like an artesian well.  Speaking of…
…the encyclopedia relates that “…In areas where the slope of the aquifer is great enough, pressure will drive the water above ground level in a spectacular, permanent fountain.”

Is your slope tilted radically toward God?  The greater your lean is toward Him, the inevitable pressures of life will drive up from the depths of your innermost being “springs of living water.” (John 7:38)

Only as our hearts really hear and embrace God’s purpose in creating us – to be a container for His fullness – will we know the thirst-quenching joy of a pure and free-flowing…

Wellspring of Life

©2010 Nancy C. Bentz – Author’s permission granted to forward this devotional piece in its entirety, including this copyright line.

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