Wednesday, July 11

Total Animation

Please read Acts 17:22-28

By Andrea

I try not to use Drops as a platform to talk about my kids, but sometimes, it just can't be helped.

My five year old, the one with a very over active imagination, is the inspiration for today's tidbit.

In the car, the traditional place for all deep conversations, he presented the following scenario:

"What if we are all like God's toys, and he is the one that moves our arms and legs. And what if sometimes, when he is very nice, he moves our arms and legs in the sprinkler."

I processed the theological ramifications of such a concept. Surely there are those who believe we are at the mercy of Divine whims, with God pulling the strings in and out of everything from sprinklers to tragedy. We are nothing more than glorified action figures in such a world view.

While I believe God is in control of every one and everything, I am also convinced that he doesn't force his will on individuals. Things happen, but our response is not scripted.

We can chose to let him move us, or we can move ourselves.

To animate: v. to make or equip to move

In the beginning, God created man in his own image. God intended for us to be animated by Him, not as puppets on a string, but as obedient children longing to be just like Him. Of course we can lift our arms and legs on our own. We breathe in and out without a thought to what makes it possible. God created us with individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses, and He asks us to use them-for Him. And to a point, we can do it on our own. People without Christ in their lives are capable of good things. But how much more capable are we when we allow him to animate us. To daily equip us to move?

Oh, how I wish I had this concept surrendered! I don't though. I wake up thinking of everything I have to do today. I crowd Him out with my lists and my agenda. And on a good day, I get everything checked off. And most days, I don't. But I miss the point when I live by what I can do.

Total animation is the goal. What would we be capable of if we lived by the verse, "In Him we live and move and have our being."

When we live like that...

(This action figure represents what I am pretty sure the Proverbs 31 Woman looks like).

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