Thursday, May 19

Random Thursday: Never Be Thirsty Again.

I spent the early morning working out day one of my 5k running plan. I spent the rest of the morning educating youngsters. I made lunch. I spent the afternoon frolicking in the sunshine--and by frolicking, I mean I mowed the lawn and pulled weeds. I made dinner. I spent the evening in a meeting (a super fun one, I confess, but it was still business). I returned home at 10:30pm to discover everyone asleep and no one wrote tomorrow's Drop for me. Can you believe it? No one knew what to do with that giraffe picture that has been sitting open on my desk top for the last two days. Unfortunately, I don't know what to do with it either.

It'll preach. Eventually. I'm pretty sure. But for now, I'm done. I haven't got a single ounce of creativity or inspiration to spare. I need beauty sleep stat. I'm all dried up. Which brings me back to the beginning.

The following is our very first drops post. The one that started it all. Many of you haven't been around since the beginning and don't know what we're doing here. This is it. Some of you have been around since the beginning, but, like me, maybe you need a reminder.

Thank you for sticking around. I promise not to make recycling a habit. Well, except for cans and bottles, I'll still recycle those, just not gently used blog posts.

The sun burns high, hot and ruthless over the land below it. The land does it’s best. A few plants and animals have managed to survive under the sun’s constant and ruthless glare. Cactus stores up water inside it, greedily sucking up any liquid that it comes in contact. Some cactus bloom after they have had something to drink. All have sharp needles that serve as pointed reminders that the cactus is not willing to share.

When the rain does come, the desert sees no relief. Instead, black clouds dump water onto the land at such violent pace, the land cannot keep up. While the ground tries to inhale welcome water, the torrent proves too much and the water rushes over the top of parched ground ravaging everything in it’s path.

Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again…

When too much water hits the ground at once, all could be swept away. A drop at a time though. A drop of water at a time can renew. One drop evaporates. But when it’s followed by another… and another… and another… That sort of thing can lead to an oasis.

…but whoever drinks this water I give him will never thirst.

As moms, we’re booked solid 24/7. The constant demands of motherhood tend to suck us dry and leave us feeling as prickly as cactus. Drops is designed to bring a little refreshment to your corner of the desert. We provide a daily Drop for you to use as you wish: first thing in the morning, last thing at night or anywhere in between. Each drop and the accompanying Bible passage can be read in about 10 minutes. The Drops are made up of original and borrowed writings directed specifically at helping busy moms discover abundant life through Jesus Christ.

Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water, welling into Eternal Life.

John 4:14

Posted by Andrea Lunde

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Blessings to you all on your new venture!