Tuesday, May 31

If you want your man to help out, don't do this...

Read Ephesians 5:22-33

Borrowed from Lisa-Jo at GypsyMama.com

If you want your man to help out, make sure you don't do this...

Dictate in minute detail how the dishwasher should be loaded.

Oversee his diapering of your baby, double checking whether or not he applied enough Desitin.

Rattle off a list of to-do’s the minute he walks in the door from work. Repeat them again over dinner. Mutter them under your breath while you’re getting the kids ready for bed. Huff and puff them to yourself every time you walk past him. Then complain about how the chores are being done while he is in the process of doing them.

Compare how he gets things done to any other living being – including your father, your best friend, or Chuck Norris.

Request his help in the same tone of voice that your toddler uses when he can’t get his way. For those of you who don’t have toddlers, if only dogs can hear your request then that’s the tone I’m talking about.


Start Saturday morning out with a list of chores before anyone’s had breakfast or any fun.

Re-stack the dishes he already put away into their “proper” places. Ditto for re-folding laundry, re-ordering the pantry, or re-making the bed. Basically all “re’s” fall into this category.

Live like roommates instead of lovers. Forget to laugh. Believe what the neighbors think of your yard is more important than what you think of your man. Compare.

Because, wrapping a man around your finger…

begins with wrapping yourself around him first.

With words and arms and actions. Embrace your man. And, in my experience, he will willingly, happily, delightfully embrace you back.

You {and sometimes even your chores).


* There are amazing Christian writers out there and I enjoy reading their thoughts. They are striving in mothering and home-making. They are also wives. A LOT of time is spent on writing about the home and children, but what about those men?

I came across a funny and thought provoking author named Lisa-Jo. I started clicking on different articles, wasting enjoying time reading.... and reading some more. I was so encouraged by what she shared. I loved this one on how to make sure your husband never helps you with anything. Oh, I've been down this road. I hope you identify too and we can all strive to living more like Ephesians 5 encourages. -- Alysun

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Andee said...

Pretty sure I'm guilty of at least half of those "don'ts" Thanks for sharing a great reminder of what it's not about.