Tuesday, May 24

The gods In Our Lives

It's gone back to the beginning. Since I can remember I have naturally always looked for someone, something, to fulfill my empty heart. In the looking, gods were created.

There is a daily temptation - sometimes it's just a thoughtless, habitual process. . . to expect something or someone down here in this fallen world to be what only God can be to me.

I really don't want to make my kids my gods today. How do I know if I am?

  • I'll get frustrated when they don't act or do what I want them to do.
  • I'll get angry when they spill something, break something, do something foolish.
  • I'll get impatient.
  • I'll be humiliated when they scream in the grocery store or do something kids just do.
  • I'll be too strict or harsh when with all the little details.
  • I'll be insensitive to their wishes, only looking for them to fulfill mine.

"Don't have any other gods before Me. . ." 

[Exodus 20:3]

It seems simple enough, and yet from the beginning - it's not been. It is tragically the down-fall of marriages, family, relationships, children. . . me.

But there is HOPE! The One and Only God has made it such that everything and anything else will fail us and leave us empty. We might think our husband, our boyfriend, our friends, our children, our home, our car, our hobbies, our church, or our standards and religion will make us happy. But it will only last for a short time and the happiness is not true joy - the joy that only comes from Jesus. Only He can fill, satisfy and leave us never wanting.

Today I have an opportunity. I have a challenge. I have a goal and I want to press hard towards it. In the very beginning of this day I was to recognize my human nature to create gods, carving on them to be and do what I want them to do for me. . . and I want to take my carving tools to my Heavenly Father's feet and leave them there.

My children, my husband - they need to know what it means to be loved, not carved on and made into my little gods today. With the Lord as my strength, may I press on to have no other gods but Him.

I read in Micah five this morning:

"I will destroy your carved images and your sacred stones from among you; you will no longer bow down to the work of your hands." 

(Micah 5:13)

I see an application for me today. I see how true this is in motherhood. I have watched as mothers have idolized their children, carved on them, looked to them over God Himself to make them happy or fulfill their emotional needs. . .

And God keeps His Word. He takes those idols away, often times removing the relationship - He destroys what they hold so dear and idolize. And they wonder why after all they poured in, all they worked on - the "idol" of a child leaves home, doesn't want to be around, cuts off communication, or can only live with a strained and difficult relationship.

I don't want my relationship with my children to be under the judgement of God. I believe deeply that He is a loving and wonderful Father, but He is also a jealous God. . .

Oh, God, be my One and Only God. Today. Tomorrow, and forever. May You capture my heart fully. May my love for You free my children and my husband from living under the pressure of performance for me. May it draw them to You and may they too know what it means to flee from idolatry.

Thank You Lord that I am covered by You. By Your grace I stand. So much to be grateful for. So much hope! -Alyssa

Borrowed from Resolved2Worship with permission from the author.

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Christa Forsythe said...

It is upsetting to me how many gods I find in my life - in the crooks and crannies. When I think "things" are under control... another crazy idol will rear its ugly head in my life! How I long for heaven... but oh how grateful I am for a loving, patient and kind Heavenly Father... who disciplines me gently!